Queerness and Games at First Person Scholar

Special-Issue-QGCon-700x250Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as guest editor for a series of four issues of the wonderful online journal First Person Scholar. First Person Scholar‘s mission is to publish dynamic critical writing on games, so I was very excited to pair up with editor-in-chief Steve Wilcox to bring together six talks adapted from presentations given at the 2014 Queerness and Games Conference. I also got to write an introduction, “Video Games, Queerness, and Beyond,” which makes a case for the importance of talking about queerness when we talk about games.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, I highly recommend checking out the articles! Here is the full list from across the four issues:

– Bonnie Ruberg, “Video Games, Queerness, and Beyond”
– Naomi Clark and Merritt Kopas, “Queering Human-Game Relations”
– Christopher Goetz, “Building Queer Community”
– Jetta Ray, “Consent, Pinball, and the End of ‘Sex as Conquest'”
– Mohini Dutta, “Designing for the Other”
– Margaret Rhee, “On Beauty: Gamers, Gender, and Turing”
– Edmond Chang, “Cards Against Humanity: Playing Up and Playing with Difference in Games”

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