Workshop on queer studies and digital humanities at DHSI 2017

The Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DSHI) is a wonderful program that is held at the University of Victoria each June. I attended for the first time in 2015, where I took an outstanding “Feminist Digital Humanities” course with Jacqueline Wernimont and Liz Losh. Along with Jason Boyd and James Howe, I also co-ran a community “unconference” session called “Queerness and the Digital Humanities,” which sparked some inspiring dialogue about potential intersections between queer studies and DH.

In the time since, Jason, James, and I have been collaborating on a forthcoming article titled “Toward a Queer DH,” which looks at fundamental resonances between queerness and the digital humanities. We’re also excited to be running an official workshop at DHSI 2017, which will take in the afternoon of Sunday, June 11.

Here’s the description on the DHSI website. If you’re coming to Victoria this year, we hope you’ll join us!

Intersections of DH and LGBTTIQ+ Studies

This workshop will consist of pre-selected and participant-selected discussion of ‘keywords’ of relevance to DH and LGBTTIQ+ scholarship. Possible keywords include: access, activism, archives, classification & metadata, community engagement, cultural/social critique, encoding, gaming, intersectionality, methodology, pedagogy, programming, storytelling. The final portion of this workshop will be dedicated to designing a DHSI course on “Intersections of DH and LGBTTIQ+ Studies,” with particular emphasis on mixing discussion with hands-on, skill-based learning activities.

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