Helpful, friendly “They/Them Pronoun Info Sheet” for your workplace

They Them Awesome BudWith assistance from some amazing students and peers, I put together this helpful, friendly info sheet about they/them pronouns (pdf). It’s designed as a resource for your workplace or community — especially if you work with cis folks who want to support gender inclusivity but who don’t know a lot about pronouns or why they’re so important.

I wrote the info sheet after having conversations with some of my students who use they/them pronouns. I realized that too much of the burden of educating faculty was falling onto these already marginalized folks, and that I needed to be taking more responsibility for getting my colleagues on board with supporting our students of all genders.

How can you use this info sheet? You could post it on your office door, email it to colleagues, put it up on a department website, or tack it up on a cork board in a shared area. Of course, there are many ways to talk about gender and pronouns, and this resource may not be right for you or your community. I totally respect that!

Feel free to print, share, or adapt the PDF of the info sheet. Thanks to all who gave feedback on the earlier draft, and thanks to Jetti Allen for sharing the image attached to this post. Folks who use they/them pronouns, as the skeleton says, you are completely valid and also that’s awesome, bud.

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