Between 2005 and 2009, Bonnie worked as a part-time, then full-time freelance journalist specializing in tech, games, sex, and gender.

In addition to writing her blog Heroine Sheik, she amassed a few hundred (eep!) articles while earning her gaming cred at websites like Joystiq, Terra Nova, Gamasutra, and The Escapist — and later as a regular contributer to mainstream publications like The Village Voice, The Economist, Wired, Forbes, The Onion, and SF Weekly.

You can find a full list of Bonnie’s articles, by publication, back on Heroine Sheik. Not sure where to start? Try some recommended reading:

- “Can Online Sex Heal Emotional Trauma?”
- “‘Resident Evil’: White Man Shoots Black Zombies”
- “Life Is Short. Have an Affair, New York”
- “Will Internet Porn Survive the Recession?”
- “Survival Horror Games: Women Monsters and Monstrous Women”


Heroine Sheik

Heroine Sheik was Bonnie’s beloved blog about sex, gender, technology, and video games — published in part through The Village Voice. Though it’s no longer running, it’s full of five years of content. Go check it out.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are some recommended posts:
- “‘Portal’ Is for Lesbians”
- “Reading Cybersex as Erotica”
- “Eating as Fighting: Consumption, Penetration, and Kirby”
- “Raising Cybersex from the Gutter”
- “On Joysticks, Breasts, and My Trackpad Clitoris”

About Heroine Sheik: Bonnie started Heroine Sheik back in 2005; it ran until late 2009, with a stint as part of The Village Voice. Initially intended as a place to rant about sex and games, Heroine Sheik ended up being both a personal and a theoretical site, a place where new media was always up for debate, where there was no such thing as over-analyzing, where Bonnie and her nerdiness were… sigh… home.

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