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Queer Game Studies 101 (2016)

Ph.D. research in Queer Game Studies at UC Irvine

Getting your Ph.D. in Game Studies

QGCon logo iconBringing together video games and discussions of LGBTQ issues has been central to Bonnie’s work. She continues her dedication to queer community activism and the emerging field of Queer Game Studies through her publications, teaching, editing, and organizing. Some of Bonnie’s work in queerness and games has included:

The Queerness and Games Conference (QGCon)
Lead organizer and co-founder

Now in its third year, QGCon is an annual event that has received prominent attention for its innovative approach to fostering dialogue around diversity in video games. Bringing together academics, game developers, artists, and activists, QGCon features presentations, workshops, performances, and open mic opportunities for attendees to add their voices to the conversation. In 2015, QCGon will take place October 17 and 18 at UC Berkeley. To register, visit the QGCon 2015 EventBrite page.

Queer Game Studies: Gender, Sexuality, and a Queer Approach to Game Studies
Volume co-editor with Adrienne Shaw

Since 2013, Bonnie has worked closely with Professor Adrienne Shaw (Temple University), along with many insightful contributors, to present a collection that will help set the stage for the burgeoning field of Queer Game Studies. The volume features work by Jack Halberstam, Jesper Juul, Kathryn Bond Stockton, Naomi Clark, Merritt Kopas, and many more. It is currently under contract with the University of Minnesota Press and should be available in fall 2016.

Queerness and Games special issues at First Person Scholar
Special issue guest editor

In winter 2015, Bonnie had the opportunity to serve as guest editor for a series of special issues at the game studies publication First Person Scholar. These issues featured work from the 2014 Queerness and Games Conference and addressed topics including sex, gender, race, imperialism, community-building, and the relationships between humans and games. For an overview, check out Bonnie’s introduction to the special issues, “Videogames, Queerness, and Beyond.”

The Queerness and Games Design Workshop
Co-facilitator with Chris Goetz

Back for a second year, the Queerness and Games Design Workshop is a free program for all Berkeley undergraduates interested in learning to make video games as a mode of self-exploration and expression. Students collaborate in teams over the course of two months, workshop their games with industry professionals, and present their work at the annual Queerness and Games Conference. Many of the games from the 2014 workshop are available online.

Course: “Gender and Sexuality in Video Games”
This fall, Bonnie will be teaching a new course through USC’s Interactive Media and Games Division. In this course, students will learn about gender and sexuality in video games, game communities, the games industry, and their own media-making practices. Through a combination of creative group projects and analytical writing, students will develop the vocabulary to think critically and speak powerfully about the cultural dimensions of the interactive media they both consume and create.

Also look out for the QGCon Local event organized by Bonnie this October at USC, as well as a series of invited guest lectures Bonnie will be delivering on the importance of queer issues in video games, including upcoming talks at Stanford and UC Santa Cruz!

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