Resources for supporting marginalized students post-election

720px-Fist.svgLet me start by saying that the resources I have to offer here are small and simple. They pale in comparison to the magnitude of the anger, sadness, and grief that comes in the wake of the presidential election. However, I know that for myself and many of my colleagues who are educators, it has felt important to do something that helps in these deeply worrying times. At the same time, we are faced with impossible questions, like how do we talk to students about the state of our country when we are in shock, we are scared, and we are trying to make sense of our future?

Two pieces of material that I have put together and found helpful in supporting my marginalized students in the days since the election are these:

1. A sign for my office door that states clearly that I welcome, value, and work to create a supportive environment for students of color, queer students, students of all religions, students with disabilities, students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, and more. Please feel free to use or adapt this sign if it feels useful to you.

2. A worksheet for my classrooms that gives students the space to reflect on their thoughts and feelings amidst the current turmoil. Many of my students are transgender, queer, students of color, undocumented students, etc., and they have been hit particularly hard by the election. Rather than attempting to teach them the right way to understand what is happening, I have found that a more supportive conversation comes out of making space for self-care. Again, feel free to use or adapt this worksheet as you like.

Sending support, love, and solidarity to you and your students in these trying times. Now is the time to support one another, because now is the time to fight.

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